No matter how easy things we want to do or how simple words we want to say , 
there are always a group of people who will scan our behavior , 
with serious standard.

Thus , we must think . think . think and think ... before our every little action 
because our external expressions are all represent impressions of ourself.

If we don't strict to our own doings , 
then there are no persons who could help us .
They will only criticize , because they are born to be this kind of people ... 
a  group of sorrowfully criticasters ... elevating themselves by way of judging others ...
making it as their meaning of life ...

We could not escape from those bitchiness , so we could only request ourself
to try to perform faultlessly just like a saint.

But even a saint will also make mistakes , 
how could we always disguise ourself perfectly ?

I know the truth that everyone will observe each others ... 
maybe with high standard or not.
However , if I always guise of a ideal girl that you like , 
I will must forget the "oringinal" me someday ... 
and will lose all things about myself ...

It's so difficult ... 
how could I  satisfy all of you and my thoughts still belong to myself ?
I am in a dilemma ... mystery ... and finding no answers ... 

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  • Jul 22 Sun 2007 15:07
  • shine

although the sky is clear and the sun is blazing outside , 

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  • Apr 09 Mon 2007 15:10
  • purely

i just want to return to an  original one , 
with a pure heart and nothing ever change.

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