i didn't really believe in the sixth sense before

as i grow up day by day
i do realize the mysterious power of the sixth sense
even i have experienced it by myself

i dreamed about my hometown the night before yesterday 

in this extraordinary dream, we were holding a funeral
a man lied down on the bed
and his face was covered by a white cotton cloth

i didn't have enough courage to identify him, 
so i didn't really know who he is.

when i woke up with a startle,
i was under the impression that he's my father ! 

i was so worried,
but i didn't want to give him a phone call ...
i was afraid that he might had an accident ...

i call him in my room until yesterday.

he was well, 
and he just listened to me. 
i told him everything except the dream,
and he asked me to take care of myself.

in the midnight,
i was still anxious about my family members.
then i decided to call my mother. 

nine minutes passed,
i knew that my grandfather had to accept kidney dialysis,
my grandmother had an ulcer of the stomach,
and my younger brother was under an attack of fever and an enterogastritis.

three of my family members were suffering diseases,
then i had a bad dream.

that's the whole story,
and i still can't believe that it's just a coincidence until now.

the sixth sense is so efficacious,
and i will still believe in it since i had experienced it again.






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